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The Rip It Life Podcast

May 15, 2018

In this epi, Al chats with Chloe O'Neil of More Than Lyme. Like Al, Chloe has Lyme Disease. While battling Lyme has its' challenges, Chloe found a way to foster a community which celebrates the "More Than" aspect of our condition. This episode is for ANYONE with an aliment who believes it holds them back from adventure; be it anxiety, depression, cancer, lyme..

**NOTE: Due to a throat condition, Chloe's voice is compromised throughout the audio. With no exact date on its' return, we decided to go ahead and record anyway as the message and mission of the episode is too important to ignore. THANK YOU for being patient and listening! XO

Topics covered in this episode include:

  • Chloe's voice
  • Contracting Lyme
  • Treatment plan
  • Mental & physical effects of Lyme (incl. body image)
  • Cultivating mindfulness to counteract compulsive behavior
  • Importance of being "kind" to ourselves
  • How More Than Lyme got started (hint: it includes babysitting!)
  • Coping with limited abilities outdoors
  • Travel priviledge 
  • Importance of sharing YOUR story
  • Magic that happens when you believe in your mission
  • How 'More Than' translates to anything .. cancer, anxiety, depression, lupus..

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